Mount Wingsuit 2

Are you ready to up your wingsuit game to the next level? Mount Wingsuit 2 has everything that made the original great, plus all it needs to be the definitive wingsuit VR app. There is a whole new mountain, new game modes geared towards multiplayer, and a vast, open world that transitions seamlessly between offline and online content.

We have developed a brand new flight model, built from the ground up for use with tracked controllers. This makes for an intuitive flight experience, where you move effortlessly through air that you can positively feel as you touch it. The experience is enhanced by 9 unique wingsuits, each with distinctive flight characteristics and feel, providing you with unmatched variation and granularity.

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Throughout the expansive game world you’ll find a wide variety of challenges, spanning from simple object collection quests, through classical "Tony Hawk" missions, to true craziness like dodging SAMs and drone strikes in Survival Mode. At the heart of it all is a combo scoring system that rewards proximity flying and hair raising flips, which will hook you so hard you’ll be flying close enough to taste the dirt.

When you get tired of the adrenaline rush, you can sit back and go for a relaxed cruise around the mountain. There are countless nooks and crannies for you to explore and more Easter eggs than you can shake a stick at. The map is based on the craggiest American mountain ranges, compressed and heavily edited for your wingsuit enjoyment, so that every valley has a sick line in store.


  • 675 km² / 260 square miles of pure wingsuiting joy
  • 21 unlockable exit points
  • 9 unique wingsuits
  • Huge variety of game modes and challenges
  • 5 different multiplayer game modes
  • Explore, complete objectives or compete with other players
  • Unlimited skill ceiling
  • Huge variety of game modes and challenges
  • Seamless blend of single player core and online features
  • Enough missions and collectibles to keep you occupied for weeks

If you’ve been searching for a VR adrenaline rush, then look no further - hurtling face first down a 7000 m / 23000 ft mountain will take you into the zone and beyond!


Out Now on Steam

Out Now on the Oculus Rift Store


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