The Team:

Lars:  Lead developer and CEO.  Lars handles the coding in our games, and also contributes immeasurably through his experience with game design and project management.

Magnus: World designer and social media dude.  Magnus handles the heavy lifting of putting together rich and immersive game worlds for you to enjoy, and handles our PR.

Henning:  Hangaround and knower of physics.  Henning sometimes contributes ideas on how to model stuff, and writes stuff for public consumption.

Being such a small team, we don't adhere strictly to our roles, but seek to contribute what we know when we can, and all happily coexist as game designers.

The Story:

We have all known each other since way back, and were brought together by the pleasure of playing video games.  This gradually led to us taking our first fumbling steps in Unity, having all the fun in the world with figuring out how things fly through the air, how to implement that in code, and finally how to build a game around our flying dude.  When lars got his DK2, nobody needed to point out that our wingsuit game was perfect for casual VR play, and in short order we published our first VR-only title for free on the Oculus forums.

Our mode of game development has always been driven by the joy of playing what we make.  Mount Wingsuit took a very long time to mature mostly because we spent enormous amounts of time sampling the half finished product, but it finally reached a stage where a finished game was within reach.  This led to the surprisingly labor intensive process of polishing the game to an acceptable level of finish, and from there through the adventures of publishing and watching our players make it their own.

The Games:

Track 'n Die!: Our first Unity experiment, a wingsuit game with no attempt at seriousness.  The Ninja Whale appears as an antagonist.


Mount Wingsuit: An open world wingsuit game focused on exploration and stunt flying, with gameplay inspired by the THPS series.

Tractorball: A cockpit oriented action sports game where you play football from the seat of a tractor.  Our first online multiplayer title.

Rascals: A board game where you take first person control of your pieces to play dirty tricks on your opponents and maximize gain from your strategies.

Wingsuit: Gudvangen: A wingsuit game that shares a lot in common with Mount Wingsuit, but built for non-VR in a real-world location.


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contact (at) ninjawhalestudios.com

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