Rascals hits beta!

Rascals hits beta!

Date: Aug 24, 2018

We are proud to announce that project Rascals has finally made it to a Beta of sorts.  There is a mountain of work left to do, but the game has taken its final shape, and it has required some difficult decisions to get here. 

We have decided to cut network support entirely so that we can focus all our resources on the single player mode.  There was supposed to be a seamless network mode where you flag your single player game as available, whereupon strangers could jump in and out of the game without requiring a re-start.  However, the VR community seems blatantly disinterested in network multiplayer, and the road to network support gets longer every day we put it off.  Although Rascals has fantastic potential as a multiplayer title, it will sadly be untapped, at least until we get a clear indication from our fans that they want network support.  Of course, there is always hot seat multiplayer for those who want to share this experience with their friends, and it makes for a great party game.

The single player career mode will include 60 missions spanning 20 levels, for hours and hours of gameplay.  The AI personality system adds depth to the difficulty curve, forcing you to adapt your strategy to different play styles.  While mastering weapons handling is an absolute must for consistent winning, so is understanding the strategic aspects of the game.  Through the career mode, you are gradually exposed to new tactical challenges until you reach true mastery of the way of the Rascal.

We are aiming to bring Rascals to Steam VR and Oculus in late September.  A PSVR port is a distinct possibility, but we will see how the game performs on the PC platforms first.  Anyone interested in participating in the beta test can shoot a mail to contact@ninjawhalestudios.com

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