Mount Wingsuit 2 - Out Now!

Mount Wingsuit 2 - Out Now!

Date: Aug 25, 2022

We are proud to finally bring you Mount Wingsuit 2. Getting to this point has been a long and surprisingly challenging journey, but we've had tremendous amounts of fun along the way. The original Mount Wingsuit grew organically from our love of flying, coupled with the wonderment of experimenting with VR, which at the time was a brand new medium. The beginnings of Mount Wingsuit 2 were very different; we more or less knew what we were doing, and had a clear vision to create a game with everything that was missing from the original. This was a far more ambitious project, and it has paid off.

By far the most requested feature in Mount Wingsuit was online multiplayer, and implementing this has been the greatest challenge. Getting it to work on a technical level was one thing, but crafting an engaging gaming experience on this basis was just as important, and far from as obvious as you might think. The bulk of our time towards release has been spent on refining the multiplayer experience, and we finally nailed it with several unique game modes, including racing, trick score challenges and wingsuit combat.

The most important change has been the controls. The original was conceived before tracked controllers were a thing, and we made it to be played at a deep slouch with an xbox controller. We were surprised at the demand for Vive wand support, and added it as an afterthought. Mount Wingsuit 2 was built from the ground up to be played with tracked controllers, and provides a much more rewarding experience. We've spent *a lot* of time making sure you can feel the virtual air you're moving through, and that the control inputs are intuitive. Flying is still difficult, as it should be, but also fun and rewarding.

Finally, we've continued pushing the boundaries of what's graphically possible on current hardware. Rendering a map of this size at VR speeds is a non-trivial undertaking, but we have made incremental gains, and the mountain looks better than it ever did. Now is the time to welcome you all and see what you make of it. We hope you will have as much fun playing our game as we had making it, and look forward to go flying together.

Blue Skies!